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Croatia apartments for sale

Apartments for sale Croatia coast Dalmatia. Sell flats Croatia Makarska Riviera. Great offer of new apartments close to the sea, overlooking the sea, new building on the Croatian coast, Makarska Riviera.

Apartment with pool in the center of Makarska

REF: S188

Locality: Makarska

312.500,00 €

125 m2

Three bedroom apartment Makarska

REF: S187

Locality: Makarska

180.000,00 €

103 m2

New three bedroom apartment in Makarska

REF: S185

Locality: Makarska

190.000,00 €

83 m2

Two bedroom apartment under construction

REF: S184

Locality: Makarska

162.000,00 €

76 m2

Makarska one bedroom apartment under construction

REF: S183

Locality: Makarska

99.600,00 €

58 m2

Croatia new two bedroom apartment in Tučepi for sale

REF: S182

Locality: Tucepi

179.250,00 €

66 m2

Luxury new building in the center of Makarska

REF: S181

Locality: Makarska

3.000,00 €


Makarska penthouse with beautiful sea view

REF: S 180

Locality: Makarska

271.200,00 €

113 m2

New three bedroom apartments in Makarska with a view

REF: S 179

Locality: Makarska

271.200,00 €

113 m2

Studio apartment in the centre Makarska

REF: S178

Locality: Makarska

67.000,00 €

27 m2

Baška Voda sale of apartments under construction

REF: S177

Locality: Baska Voda

Price on request


Luxurious penthouse in Makarska for sale

REF: S176

Locality: Makarska

306.000,00 €

157 m2

Two bedroom apartment for sale with sea view

REF: s172

Locality: Baska Voda

150.000,00 €

63 m2

One bedroom apartment in Promajna near the sea

REF: s166

Locality: Promajna

130.000,00 €

50 m2

Furnished two bedroom apartment near the beach

REF: s165

Locality: Promajna

179.400,00 €

82 m2

Makarska apartment near the beach for sale

REF: s162

Locality: Makarska

168.000,00 €

48 m2

One bedroom apartment for sale in Promajna

REF: s161

Locality: Promajna

130.000,00 €

58 m2

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